Ohio, We Have Arrived

Our new Dayton home.

West has officially landed in the Midwest. I’ve been meaning to write this post sooner, but the cross-country move wiped me out more than I thought it would. Good news is H and I have been in Dayton a little less than a month and it feels like we’re starting to settle in. All the moving boxes have been unpacked, we’ve made the mandatory pilgrimage to Ikea (twice so far), and purchased more area rugs than I’ve ever seen in my life (the flip side of living in a modern apartment…those concrete floors).

So, the apartment! We’re renting a unit in a newly refurbished building in downtown Dayton, right next to the Dayton Dragons ballpark. We decided to rent first so we can get acquainted with the area before buying a house. The apartment building was originally an old warehouse built in the early 1900s that was recently renovated into updated apartments. The builders kept the original charm of the windows and industrial feel, while adding some modern elements. Think big windows, tall ceilings, lots of light.

Decorating has been a bit of the challenge, as our new place is twice as big as our last Seattle apartment and a completely new aesthetic. Our old furniture filled up the space quickly, so we purchased a few new additions (mainly area rugs, those concrete floors are cold!). Since we’re planning to live here short-term, I didn’t want to make a huge investment in buying new furniture specific to this apartment (saving that project for our future house). I thought I’d share some photos of our main living space, despite its work-in-progress state. If you’re curious, the furniture pictured is linked at end of post.

One of our picture walls. We decided to hang our paintings in clusters to break up the large wall space. You may spot a few familiar San Francisco places!

The neighborhood we’re living in is Downtown Dayton, which has been undergoing a revitalization over the past few years. There are handfuls of independent shops and restaurants popping up, as well as a newly remodeled city library branch. We’re across the street from the Miami river, which includes walking paths and bike trails we have yet to take advantage of (we’ll get there!).

We added Yucca Cane plants to the living room to bring some green and warmth in. I’m not known for my green thumb, but they’re staying intact so far!

The biggest differences I’ve noticed so far living in Dayton compared to Seattle and San Francisco are 1) People are much friendlier here. Strangers take the time to really ask you about your day and listen, they aren’t in a frantic rush to get to the next place. 2) No traffic! Such a time saver. In Seattle, I wouldn’t dare try to drive my car around 5 pm. Here, I don’t think twice. 3) Everything is cheaper. Food, drinks, goods, homes – everything! A lower sales tax helps too. Money goes a lot further, which my wallet loves.

Another view of the main living space, with our dining table to the left and kitchen island to the right.

Of course, since H and I always seem to have another big life change to pursue, we’ve been aggressively house hunting with a real estate agent in hopes to find our dream home. (I know, we just moved. Believe me, it kills me thinking about repacking and unpacking our stuff Β all over again.) However, it’s exciting knowing that owning a nice home is within reach for us, as that was not a possibility in Seattle or San Francisco with sky-high house prices. After all my years of watching House Hunters, it’s fun finally being in the shoes of a home buyer! Haven’t found a winner yet, but knowing how picky we are it’s going to take some time.

We added these retro bar stools to our kitchen island.

Outside of the move and house hunting, H started his new job and is loving it. I’m in the midst of job hunting and interviews, hoping to find a good fit for myself as well. (Know any marketing/communications jobs in the area? Give me a shout!) We went to Columbus last weekend for the first Buckeye home game of the season (I’m hoping to forget the actual game, it was a disaster!). H is an Ohio State grad along with the rest of his family, so Buckeye football is his blood. Over the years of being with him, I’ve slowly become an adopted Buckeye fan. For a California girl who never paid much attention to college football, I’ve surprised myself by how much I enjoy following it now. Who knew?

The kitchen. About 3x the amount of counter space as my last kitchen – no exaggeration!

So those are the happenings in Dayton so far. It’s been a whirlwind month, looking forward to continue planting roots, meeting new friends, and enjoying the beautiful Midwest fall season everyone raves about. I think moving to a new city in autumn is actually quite good timing, as September always feels like the start of new beginnings. What do you have on the horizon for this fall? I’d love to hear.


Furniture Pictured:

Sofa: Crate & Barrel Verano Sofa in Smoke

Coffee Table: Ikea Stockholm Coffee TableΒ in Walnut Veneer

Area Rug: Thomasville Estate Area Rug in Parian (*We bought it at Costco, but it is currently out-of-stock)

Armchair: Ikea Poang Armchair in Birch Veneer, Finnsta White

Bar Stools: Costway Swivel Stool in Walnut Bentwood


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