It’s Gonna Be May and Moving Update

Praying those April showers are a thing of the past. It’s time for May!

May has finally arrived. After a seemingly endless winter, signs of spring are starting to slowly pop up in Seattle. The flowers are nearly full bloom. The temperature has crept up into the occasional 60s. My down coat has officially moved towards the back of my closet. And that Justin Timberlake meme is now everywhere.

I’m personally excited that May is here because it’s wedding and anniversary season. H and I are heading to Cincinnati later this week for wedding, with a quick afternoon up to Dayton to see our new apartment before our big move. Later this month we head to Maui to celebrate our wedding anniversary (four years!), followed by a second trip to Ohio for another wedding. Will definitely earn some airline miles this month!

Speaking of our move, we set our date in August. It feels like forever away, but the move will be here before I know it. H and I hired professional movers to haul our stuff across the country, while we plan to road trip from Seattle to Ohio. This will be my first cross country road trip, as well as my first time traveling through the Great Plains. We have a lot of planning to do, so far Yellowstone and Mt. Rushmore are on the list. Do you have any recommendations of places to see? Would love to hear!

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