Does It Really Rain in Seattle All the Time?

Another gray day in Seattle. We’ve had three sunny, mild days in six months. Not that I’m counting or anything.
When people find out I live in Seattle, the first thing they ask is “Does it really rain all the time?” To which I respond, “Yes, but…” and rattle off my list of defensive answers that it’s not as rainy as it seems (all Seattleites have this monologue memorized).

  1. Yes, it rains a lot but it’s a misty rain, not a hard rain. So the actual precipitation is fairly low.
  2. Cities such as Miami and New Orleans receive more rainfall per year on average because when it rains there, it pours.
  3. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.

When I moved from San Francisco to Seattle in the summer of 2013 with my husband, this list I heard from Seattleites gave me reassurance that winter would be just fine. After all, San Francisco spends much of the year covered in a blanket of fog, so it wouldn’t be so different, right?

Well folks, after four winters in the Emerald City I can report there is some truth to that original argument. However, Seattleites tend to gloss over the gray versus sunny days ratio. Come October through June, don’t expect to see the sun that much. Perhaps because I’m writing this post in March and I’ve seen three sunny, mild days since October, I’m more negative than usual. (Yes, only three! Where is the freaking sun?!)

Over my four winters here, I’ve learned some rain coping mechanisms such as taking Vitamin D daily and forcing yourself to go outside no matter how gross it is. Things I would have never done in California, I do here regularly now. Running in the rain? Of course! Going out for a night on the town while it rains sideways and your heels get ruined? Go for it!

For all my complaining about the rain, I do have to remind myself that it’s the rain that gives the gorgeous greenery and ample skiing in this region. I’m lucky to live in a beautiful place. But the sheer amount of rain and gray can get to me. What are your coping mechanisms for winter weather?

Stay tuned for my part two on this subject regarding Seattle rain etiquette. (Ever wonder why Seattleites never carry umbrellas?). Until then, stay dry!


5 thoughts on “Does It Really Rain in Seattle All the Time?”

  1. Ha, ha, this is hilarious! One strategy is to choose carefully where you live in Seattle — some spots are rainier than others! There are “rain shadows” and at times it can be raining in one neighborhood and not in another. You may also choose whether you prefer morning light or evening sunset, since Seattle has so many hillsides and you can choose to live facing east or west.

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